AURORA skycam offers a unique combination of digital photography services (Aurora camera network / Arctic adventure tours / Media and content from arctic environments) and cutting-edge photo technology products (Remote control systems for DSLR cameras for mobile and stationary use cases / Photo-to-TV presentation solutions)


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Amazing Products

skycam LITE
the entry level model of our
DSLR camera remote control
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skycam BOX
the best DSLR camera remote
control for outdoor use
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skycam MINI
perfect DSLR camera remote control
for mobile use with battery and GPS
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skycam TV
show photo presentations & videos
on your TV in Full HD or 4K Ultra HD
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Camera Remote Controls

we do offer a whole range of solutions to remote control DSLR cameras

Easy Handling

our camera control systems are offering a wealth of features while still being very easy to handle

Live Pre-View

our camera remote control devices transmit a useful live preview for optimizing all recording parameters on the fly

Access via Internet

as all of our camera remote controls communicate over the Internet there are no range restrictions

Automatic Live Upload

to immediately access and edit the recorded images, they can be transferred to the network directly and fully automated

Longtime Timelapse Photos

in addition to the well-known “normal” time-lapse photography you can use our camera controllers to also create extremely long time lapse recordings

Synchronized Recording

another unique selling point is the ability of our camera remote controllers is to simultaneously record footage from multiple systems – if you want from all over the world

Easily customizable

new or individual requirements can be implemented quickly and easily due to the modular concept of our camera remote control devices
Take a more detailed look at our camera remote controls and other products. They are easy to handle and always on the latest state of technology. They not only open impressive ways to improve your daily work. They also make you want to explore new technical capabilities and start projects considered impossible before.
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Awesome Services

skycam LIVE - Network

Custom Services

As a perfect complement to our products, we're providing two kinds of services. Our Skycam Live Network service using our remote controlled DSLR cameras delivers footage from wherever and whenever you need it. Additionally we're providing consulting and IT services, so that we can be sure that you'll have the best experience and results when working with us.
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Innovative Projects


Aurora LIVE

Learn more about Aurora LIVE, the world's largest network of remote cameras for aurora observation.


Arctic Adventure Norway

Arctic Adventure Norway offers you amazing, raw and untouched arctic nature with guided tours under the Aurora and Midnight Sun.

See live pictures and streaming video from the region around Senja island.

We're eating our own dogfoot to make you experience the quality of our products and services in action. Our Aurora LIVE network uses remote controlled DSLR cameras to provide real-time footage of artic nature and aurora from dozens of places in the north. Additionally we invite you to come visit and take part in one of our Arctic Adventure Norway tours to explore nature, auroras and our products on the ground.
and learn more about how our products can be used effectively.
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Content and media production

We're constantly producing high quality photography, video and time-lapse footage. It mainly comes from arctic environments. Our photos and videos can be liscensed. If we don't have in store what you need, we'll happy to produce for you on demand. Video and time-lapse footage can be delivered in HD and 4K resolutions.
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More about us

Our unique combination of high-quality digital photography experience and cutting-edge technology know-how, neverending curiosity and the will to explore is our greatest competitive advantage.
Businessmen planning business strategy while holding puzzle pieces, creating ideas with light bulb drawn on paper and rearranging wooden blocks. Conceptual of teamwork, strategy, vision or education.
AURORA skycam was founded by Anders Hanssen and Guido Sobbe in 2014, as a German - Norwegian company.
We're a highly motivated team of international specialists working constantly to bring our products and services from the highest to the next level.

Anders Hanssen

managing director - sales and marketing

22 Years ago, in 1993 I bought my first Canon SLR autofocus camera. I’m a photographer from the north of Norway with weakness for “miss Aurora”, midnight sun and wildlife in particular. Friends call me the family guy, because I spend all the time I can with my wife and kids. Traveling with my family is therefore also highly prioritized, along with the passion for capturing cultures, expressions and feelings through the lens.


Guido Sobbe

managing director - technology

As a young boy I was interested in computers and photography.
The computer technology has prevailed and I started my professional career as a computer scientist.

The modern digital photo technique allows me to combine the two areas of interest. As a result the photography is increasingly more important in my life.

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