As photographers we know exactly which requirements DSRL camera remote controls have to meet. Conventional solutions, almost always based on wireless networks and mobile apps, didn’t meet our requirements. Therefore, we began to manufacture and offer our own products and solutions with a clear focus on a set of remote controls for DSLR cameras. We hope that you will find our equipment and services extremely helpful, and that you will like to use them.AURORA skycam

skycam BOX

Weatherproof housing for a DSLR camera
This is our proven camera control solution for tough outdoor use.Control your DSLR camera remotely via your PC, laptop or mobile device. Present your photos on your website, a large screen or a TV – in real time. READ MORE

skycam LITE

Entry level DSLR camera remote control
Control your DSLR camera remotely via your PC, your laptop or your mobile device. Present your photos on your website, a large screen or a TV – in real time. READ MORE

skycam TV

Full HD / 4K set-top box
The perfect solution for tourism or hotel business. Present current photos and videos from your region taken by remote controlled DSLR cameras on projectors, large screens or TV devices in real time. READ MORE

How everything works

  • To make the using of our DSLR camera remote controls as simple as possible, we have developed a special web-based control software. The latest technologies and software procedures ensure that you can use the control software on any PC, any notebook and any mobile phone or tablet. You only need a current browser and an Internet connection.
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  • skycam-VPN-1
  • We respect the privacy of your data. When communicating via Internet technologies, security plays the major role. All our devices are very easy to use. Nevertheless, maximum security is guaranteed. This is ensured by VPN connections and encrypted communication.
  • Once the device is online, you can easily access the software using the serial number of the controller. Simply open the unique URL of the controller in your favorite browser.
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Live photos from remote controlled DSLR cameras

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    Camera Remote Controls

    we do offer a whole range of solutions to remote control DSLR cameras

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    Easy Handling

    our camera control systems are offering a wealth of features while still being very easy to handle

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    Live Pre-View

    our camera remote control devices transmit a useful live preview for optimizing all recording parameters on the fly

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    Access via Internet

    as all of our camera remote controls communicate over the Internet there are no range restrictions

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    Automatic Live Upload

    to immediately access and edit the recorded images, they can be transferred to the network directly and fully automated

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    Longtime Timelapse Photos

    in addition to the well-known “normal” time-lapse photography you can use our camera controllers to also create extremely long time lapse recordings

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    Synchronized Recording

    another unique selling point is the ability of our camera remote controllers is to simultaneously record footage from multiple systems – if you want from all over the world

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    Easily customizable

    new or individual requirements can be implemented quickly and easily due to the modular concept of our camera remote control devices